Tuesday, October 1, 2013

“Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Bryant

Summary of Fall 2013 -

The beginning of Fall was not the most exciting time for us. In late August, we found out we were pregnant and were so excited. We planned how we were going to surprise our families, we purchased our first baby item, and looked at other apartments to make room for our new member. Unfortunately, at our 8 week appointment, we found out that the baby did not have heartbeat and measured to be about 6 weeks. It was a heartbreaking moment for us. Thankfully, we had each other to get through the sadness, and our mamas came for a couple days to help us as well. Baby #1 will always be in our hearts.

To quickly sum up the rest of Fall, here are some pics…
Started my job at Horizon House in August working with people with dementia in activities. Took many pics of my residents. Unfortunately, I can't post them online without permission of the resident and/or their DPOA. I took this pic at a Dancing Til Dusk event at a nearby park that we took our residents to.

Went to Vegas with some of my best friends. This was shortly after the miscarriage and it was nice to have their love and support.

Went to Idaho for Aubrey's first birthday! Here she is getting clean for the big party.

One can never go wrong with mason jar pics.

Birthday girl with her uncle and papa.

She wasn't so sure about the cake mess.

so sweet!

Aubrey and her cousin.

Mom and daughter!

She loves playing with ribbon!
Birthday girl with her mom, uncle, and auntie! :) (Photo credit to Jenn)
Bryan with his mom and aunt at the party!
Bryan knows how much I enjoy Pumpkin patches, so we went to one near Kirkland!

In the Corn maze!

Went to see Ben Harper's acoustic show. So good!

Our office and one of my co-workers. All activities offices should look like this. :)

Checked out a brewery we had never been to in Ballard. It was unfortunate that we used to live in Ballard but never knew about this place until we moved to Kirkland. 

Went to Whistler with some friends. The drive there is absolutely beautiful!

The village in Whistler

On top! Fortunately, the mountain opened right before we arrived.

Our friends, Nickole and Mike!

More pics of the drive back from Whistler to Seattle!

Went to Spokane to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and brother. We had to stop and take  a pic of the frosty tumbleweeds.

Sherman! My mom watches him a lot throughout the year at my aunt and uncle's house in Spokane while they're away.

Silly brother!

Went to my Aunt's coffee place. My brother, Shaun, invited his friend, Arrio, for Thanksgiving. He was a lot of fun! 

Being lazy on Thanksgiving Day! Perfect!

Took this on my mom's iPad without her knowing and posted it on her Facebook page. It's fun teasing moms sometimes!