Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One kind word can warm three winter months. ~Japanese Proverb

Summary of Winter 2013-2014 -

Bryan and I found out we were pregnant for the second time shortly after Christmas. We were so happy but also anxious and nervous that another miscarriage would happen. Ultimately, we didn't want to get too excited until we saw the heartbeat for the first time. Waiting 8 weeks until that moment was difficult, especially because we didn't want to tell our families until we knew there was a heartbeat…and then the day finally came. It was absolutely amazing to see our little one move and to see his heartbeat pulsing. An overwhelming feeling of happiness came over me and I could not stop smiling and looking at our baby's first picture.
Baby Wo's first pic!
 I knew we needed to make it past the first trimester before a possible miscarriage, but I just had a really good feeling about this baby. I loved him so much already at 8 weeks. 

The rest of the winter was spent dreaming about our babe and making some minor changes in our life, including moving back to Bellingham. We decided we were not Kirkland people and wanted to go back to place where there was a sense of community, no traffic, and where we were surrounded by nature. We found the perfect three bedroom apartment to begin our life in B'Ham. 

Here are a few (okay maybe a lot) of pics to sum up the rest of Winter! 

On our way to the farm to cut our Christmas tree!

We picked this tree with love!

My cute guy!

I swear I took a pic with my nice camera but this will have to do!

Christmas Eve at Boundary Bay Brewery!

Outside Boundary Bay with some of Mick and Chris's friends!

Our first Christmas with our niece!

Bryan found his great grandpas banjo! Love the banjo!

They all got the same hats. Isn't that cute?

Went to my very first Seahawks game!

On our drive to Tri-cities! Don't worry, I wasn't driving here!

Visited family in Tri-Cities. Love my brother!

In the basement of my grandmas house about to watch The Hobbit!

Went to see Hobbit 2 in the theatre!

Went on a hike shortly after we found out I was pregnant! This was the last hike we went up on because I was nervous my heart rate was too high.

Bryan had a stranger take this pic of him. A friend gave us a very large painting and Bryan carried it on multiple buses from Mountlake Terrace to Kirkland. He had quite the adventure!

At the last minute, we decided to go to the Washington Coast and found a good deal on Living Social for an awesome bed and breakfast.

Beautiful coastal sunset!

On the trail back to the bed and breakfast!

This was meant to be a cheesy pic!

Bryan found oysters…this always makes him very happy!

On a trail to the beach!

Shadow kiss….awe!

My preferred genre of music is alternative/classic/indie rock, but I do love me some Justin Timberlake. My friend Nickole had an extra ticket and asked if I could go with her. Well of course!

I have to say, he put on a pretty fantastic show. I was impressed!

Living in Kirkland was not my favorite, but I did enjoy a couple of the walks near our place!

Went to the Superbowl party to watch the Seahawks win with Bryan's old college roommates. 

Went to Sun Peaks for a snowboarding/ski trip. Since I was pregnant, I did not snowboard and had the honor of spending my days with this little one!

Grammie holding Aubrey!

Traditional family pic!

The cute Boehm family!

Spent a day walking around the village and taking pics!

Bryan felt bad I couldn't snowboard, so we went snowshoeing a couple times.

I had never been and it was actually quite fun!

snowshoeing for the second time!

We took a lot of pics as you can see!

My first pregnancy photo.  I'm so small, lol!

Baby's second photo!

This was shortly after we moved back to Bellingham! 

This is me happy to be in Bellingham. It was so refreshing to be back!

A view from our new apartment! We absolutely love it here!

We also walked around Lake Padden a couple times. Gorgeous!