Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cali, Colombia

The bus ride from Quito to the border town in Ecuador was one of the longest even though it was one of the shortest bus rides we made in South America. I could not stop thinking about my camera…if only this and if only that. We finally made it to the border town of Tulcan, Ecuador at about midnight. Luckily, our hostel was right across the street where we crashed for the night.

We woke up early the next morning to cross the border to Colombia. It was a piece of cake. We heard that most Colombians are kind and welcoming to foreigners, and we knew this would be true after being graciously welcomed by the border patrol lady. “Welcome to Colombia” was the most common phrase we heard.
Colombian women are ridiculously good looking by the way. They have it all really. Good skin, hair, nose, boobs, and butt. It’s like I said…ridiculous.
We spent most of the day on the local bus. Buses are a whole other beast in South America. Peru and Argentina had the most luxurious buses, but Bolivia and Colombia had the best local food vendors. Basically, random people pop onto the bus and various time selling their food. It’s awesome. Bryan and I have eaten everything from fried bananas to cornbread to meats on sticks throughout our S. America bus adventures. While we were on the bus enjoying our not quite ripe mangoes with salt and lime, the police stopped bus and made all the men get off. Bryan got off with all the others as
Our first stop was Cali, Colombia. It was a pretty nice city if you’re into cities, but overall, we wanted to leave as soon as we found another camera. Of course, we couldn’t buy a nice Nikon DSLR, so we opted for a small little Sony Cybershot. It’s hard going from a camera that takes such nice looking photos to one that really doesn’t, but I survived. I just told myself I’ll just have to go back to Colombia another time with another DSLR. It will happen, right…RIGHT?!?!
Our hostel the first night was okay, but we found another one we really liked the next morning. Everyone was so nice and, more importantly, it was clean. Yay! One of the ladies who worked there did it all. I think she was bossed around a lot, but she was really the one who kept it all together. She was also one of the sweetest ladies in the world. There was a lot of non-verbal communication as it was hard to keep up with her fast talking Spanish, but that is one of the best parts of traveling. Learning to communicate in various ways.
We spent most of our time in Cali exploring the streets and neigborhoods, playing card games at a nearby cafe, and of course, finding another camera. After a couple days, we were ready to leave the big city and head to one of our favorite spots in South America, Coffee Region.

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