Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back in Washington….Spring/Summer 2013

We landed in Seattle, surprised our families, and moved in with Bryan’s parents for a couple months in Bellingham until we landed on our feet again. It was nice having a home again, and we were so grateful Bryan’s parents took us in during that time. A couple months later Bryan landed a contract in Seattle, so we moved to Kirkland. Here are some pics to sum up Spring and Summer…Warning, pic overload!

Surprised Bryan's parents at Boundary Bay (photo credit to Jenn)

Met this cutie for the first time (photo credit to Jenn)

Back together again (photo credit to Jenn)
Got to see some of my friends after a year of traveling!

and my cousin, Nick!

and my dad

and surprised my mom and grandparents

and visited the Boehms in Idaho
and met Rowdy's new guy, Wayne!
Met our Scottish friend Liana in Bolivia! She traveled solo for six months and stopped by Bellingham on her way to Canada. One of the coolest girls I've met! Taken with my new camera!

On the boardwalk in Bellingham!
The girls went to Victoria for a night and we said goodbye to Liana there

Chris treated us to High Tea!

Went to the park in Victoria

Bryan and I went a several hikes!


Bryan surprised me with a new camera!
Beautiful Bellingham!

Bryan started his own company, Sound Software. So proud of my guy!
Went on a hike near Bryan's parents house!

Purchased our first new car! 2013 Toyota Prius

My best friend, Stef, and her guy, Elliot visited us in Bellingham! I'll never forget the night we rode our bikes back from Boundary Bay

Met our good friend, Claire's little guy for the first time!

Just had to post this one! Love him!

I took many pics of our sweet niece!

Hung out with this cute family several times!

Bryan got a contract in Seattle, so we decided to move to Kirkland! This was the boardwalk near our apartment

Spent the 4th in downtown Kirkland

Went to the lavender farm in Woodinville!
Went to several Sounder games…Bryan was happy to be back in Sounder land.
Went to one of our favorite music festivals, Summer Meltdown in Darrington, WA
and saw one of my favorite musicians, Xavier Rudd

This deserves a longer post eventually, but this was the last picture we took with grandpa Belliston before he passed away! He was a great man and we miss him a lot!

Mom visited us in Kirkland, so we went on the new ferris wheel in downtown Seattle
Visited the Wokich side of the family in Sacramento!
Went to Megan Kirkpatrick's wedding in San Jose! This little one wore the most adorable outfit!
Some of the Almanor crew at the wedding!

The wedding location was beautiful!
Saw my sister in Santa Cruz before heading back to Washington. I love my sister!

Aubrey came to visit!
On our way back from Tillicum Village. This was the day we found out we were pregnant with our first baby…more on that later

Pic of Seattle and the Ferris Wheel from the ferry
Attended the Annual Wokich Family Camping Trip 2013

Celebrated Bryan's 34th birthday while camping!
The beautiful couple!

Can you tell they're brother and sister?

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