Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" - Robin Williams

Summary of Spring 2014-

Nothing too exciting happened in Spring 2014, but we definitely kept ourselves busy. Spring started with me flying to Tri-Cities to visit with family and friends and then driving with my mother and grandparents to Idaho to watch my brother graduate with his BA. I was so very proud of him!

Bryan started playing soccer again which he was very happy about. We also started taking an 8 week course parenting class, went camping at Leavenworth, refurnished a table, and started decorating the baby's room. Basically, Spring was spent getting settled into our new home in Bellingham.

Usually there is a mix between good camera pics and phone pics. Apparently, it was a phone pic kind of spring.  I also noticed I wasn't very good at taking pics during these months and missed some very important events like Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Oh well. Enjoy!

Bryan eating oysters again at one of our favorite New Orleans style restaurant.

My brother's graduation day. So proud!

Left to right
Papa, Granny, Shaun, my cousin Natalie, Mom, me, and my cousin Cameron

My mom's cat, Marley! She's a pretty awesome cat!

On the long drive back from Idaho I caught my Papa playing word search with his tongue out!  Lol.

On the drive to Leavenworth!


Went on a hike near Leavenworth!

I realized, I didn't take any pics of our campsite in Leavenworth. Our site was right next to the river  surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. My brother and his friends were in the site next to us. It was a beautiful spot but pretty cold still!

Relaxing during the hike!

My brother followed us back from Leavenworth and stayed with us in Bellingham for a couple nights! We went on several walks while he was here including the boardwalk, walked to downtown, and walked around Lake Padden and Whatcom Falls Park. We were one with nature!

Whatcom Falls Park!

On the path towards downtown!

Bryan and I checked out the new brewery in town. I watched him drink what looked like delicious beer!

Bryan and I on another walk around Lake Padden!

We had brunch at the Dolin's and played the game Carcassone! Several days later we received this note in the mail. So funny! 

Another beautiful sunset from our place.
We found a pretty cheap wooden table at the ReStore in Bellingham and refurnished it. I helped with sanding, but Bryan and his dad did most of the work. We chose the distressed look on the very right and it turned out great!

Bryan started reading Harry Potter to Baby Wo!

Jenn and Aubrey visited in Bellingham and helped us with the overwhelming baby registration process at Target. Thanks, Jenn! You helped tremendously!

Bryan working on the table!

Took care of him while he was sick for a couple days!

Granny and Papa Smith visited us in Bellingham for the first time. We went to the Farmers Market, walked along the boardwalk, and ate some delicious seafood at our local restaurant called Cliff House.

Sleepy Papa!
The typical boardwalk pic!

Random pic, but this makes me laugh every time. As I was uploading pics, Facebook wanted to tag people and thought the Buddha pics were Bryan! 

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