Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sun Peaks 08-09

It’s the last day of our trip to Sun Peaks, Canada and we are TIRED!  Sun Peaks has a great little village at the base of three mountains.  We’ve been snowboarding as much as possible, but have worn ourselves out.  Leslie’s still recovering from a broken tibial plateau and I’m recovering from a torn LCL, so we’ve decided to take it easy this last day and do our best to avoid injuring ourselves. 
We’ve been up here with my parents, my sister Jenn and her boyfriend Michael and their friends Danielle and John.  It’s been a big group of 8, but it’s been a blast.  
Leslie’s snowboarding skillz have grown by leaps and bounds as her “S-es” (or turns) are now excellent as she can even do ‘em on the steep hills.  She also had a bit of a bad experience with a longer board, ending up hiking up next to a poma lift.  She got tired, but as a result, absolutely LOVES her snowboard now!
One of the highlights has to be the fondue night, where we rode the lift to the top of the Sunburst chair and ate fondue before skiing down via headlamp.  About two inches of snow had fallen on a freshly groomed run for some of the best snow of the trip.   
 We’re about to head into the village to take some pictures and goof around for this last day.  We’re heading back to Bellingham tomorrow for a few days before we head to Seattle for a day or two and then it’s off to Bangkok! 
Take it easy, y’all!

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