Sunday, March 18, 2012

It’s Official! We’re off . . . and finally selling Betsy

The final pieces are falling into place! We’ve told our places of work, purchased plane ticket and are flying out of Seattle on April 17th to travel the globe.

We’ve talked to a bunch of people about it now, so I’m going to try and answer the questions that we get asked most often.
First, we are flying London after a quick layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. We’ll be spending a few weeks in the UK, then going to Morocco. We’re going to spend three months traveling through Europe and are planning on taking the trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow across Russia, likely landing in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Then, we’re going to spend 3-4 months in Asia, hop the equator and head to South America. We’re then taking the train home. Sounds easy, right? ;)
Bryan’s last day at Logic 20/20 will be May 27th and Leslie will be ending her time at Columbia Lutheran home on the 30th. That weekend, we will be moving into a storage bin and we will officially be living out of our backpacks. We’re going to spend a bit of time in Bellingham and Tri-Cities to say goodbye to family and friens. We want to have some sort of goodbye event in Seattle and another in Tri-Cities, but we’re not really sure how we’re going to pull that off yet.
So there’s still a bit of stuff left to do. We have to cancel bills, move out and make the final decisions as to what is going into the pack and what’s going into the storage locker.
There’s really one big piece of the puzzle left to deal with . . . . Betsy.
For those who don’t know, Betsy is the white Nissan pickup truck that Bryan’s been driving for eleven years now. We recently passed the 150,000 mile mark heading over the 520 bridge. Yes, I’ve anthropomorphised the truck, but it’s time for her to go.
She’s got a bit of body damage, but is very reliable. My buddy Rand is a mechanic and he was saying we could expect to get to 200K miles.
Anyway, today is going to be spent getting bumper stickers off the car, cleaning it out and giving a good wash.
Bryan and Leslie

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