Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bryan’s Last Day

Today, my time at Logic 20/20 has come to an end.  This was my second professional programming position, and the first away from the friendly confines of North Ridge Software.  The code I wrote with North Ridge was arguably more difficult and technically challenging than most of the stuff I accomplished with Logic 20/20, but there is always a certain amount of uncertainty in yourself when you’re working for your father. 

Logic 20/20 gave me the opportunity to prove that I had chops outside of North Ridge.  Sometimes, I had to deliver code on my own.  Other times, I had the opportunity to work in teams, where I had the opportunity to learn from a plethora of talented individuals.  Whether it be Clarisonic, Expedia Local Expert, internal Microsoft tools or the Windermere project and it’s ~3000 dynamically created sites, Logic put it’s faith in me. 
I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.   It’s been an honor.
That said . . .  it’s done.
I am on sabbatical. 

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