Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten Things We Love About Traveling!

For a quick recap, our last blog brought up the possibility of heading home. We’re tired, worn out, and haven’t really had much fun since we left Nurtingen. We have been in a really nice hostel in Krakow for a night now, and have five more nights booked. Our hope is that we can recharge and regain our love of traveling. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen.

The last blog was the Top Ten things we miss about being home.
This is the Top Ten things we’ve liked about being on the road.
10. Learning to say please and thank you in a plethora of languange! Djinky!
9. Seeing places that we’ve only read about in history books.
8. Finding a hostel that we feel safe and comfortable.
7. Discovering a whole ethnic group that is amazingly friendly and funny. Poles!
6. Getting to experience things we didn’t know existed. Bamberg and bacon flavored beer.
5. Wandering around small streets in old towns. Hi, Seville!
4. Finding random foods that end up being really good. Hello, onion stuffed with meatloaf!
3. Finding a good map that helps us around the city. (Street lookup, public transpo marked, easily foldable to highlight relevant places, fits in a pocket, etc.)
2. Finding people who will help foreigners out of the goodness of their heart.
1. Getting to spend all of our time together.

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