Friday, August 10, 2012

Top Ten Things We Miss

Blah, blah, Prague… blah, blah, beautiful city… blah, blah… old architecture.

It’s time to admit it. We are worn out. We’ve been on the road for almost four months now and we miss having a home. It’s been very tiring and the idea of buying a nice comfy couch is growing on us.
Our backs hurt from carrying around backpacks. A string of bad luck including busted bike chains, getting kicked off trains in Poland and learning the “cheap” spa in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic isn’t so cheap doesn’t help. We would love to snap our fingers and spend two weeks with friends and family.
I’m not positive we’re having fun anymore. It doesn’t make sense to keep traveling if we’re not having fun.
Everyone loves lists, so here’s the top 10 things we miss from the good ol’ US of A!
10. Pine trees – There’s trees elsewhere, but not like our trees.
9. Phones – Making a simple phone call or sending a text message would be great.
8. A Kitchen – We would love to have our own kitchen again. We’d like to be able to know where all the dishes are and buy food that will last longer than 2 days. We haven’t seen a gallon of milk since we left.
7. Saturday Morning – There’s something special about a Saturday Morning where you get to laze around your house. It’s different when you have to figure out how to get breakfast.
6. Mexican food – ’nuff said.
5. Seattle Sounders FC – They just played the US Open Cup final. We didn’t get to see it… and they lost.
4. English language television. Leslie would love to see Ellen. NBC has blocked all non USA IP Addresses online, so no simple online option.
3. Coffee – Bryan got a coffee in Prague that had less than an ounce in it. No refills. Ever.
2. Free water at every restaurant. Sometimes we ask for tap water. Sometimes it works. More often, we get fancy sparkling water and get charged.
and the thing we miss most
1. Friends and Family – We miss you guys!
We booked a private room in Krakow, Poland for the next couple days. It’s pretty cheap and has 90%+ ratings on hostelworld. We’ve also heard wonderful things about “Cracov” from everyone who has been there.
The plan is to hunker down for a bit. We’ll probably go buy a cheap DVD player and spend the next couple days hanging around the hostel, hoping we get recharged.
We’ll see.
Love to all you out in internet land!

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