Saturday, December 1, 2012

Night Train to Laos


We’ve decided that we’re going to try and be better about letting everyone know exactly where we are.  We’ve been trying to write bits about each city we’ve been to, which has been working, but as a result, we have a tendency to be a bit behind.  Earlier today we got up a blog about Melaka, Malaysia, which was about a month ago. From there, we went and spent three weeks in Yangon, Myanmar with Chalain and Chris.  We’ll get some stories up about that later, but figured it would be nice to let you know where we are. 
As of this writing, we’re back in Bangkok, which has once again sucked us back.  This time, because it was the closest airport hub to Laos.  Chalain and Chris convinced us that the southern part of Laos is awesome, so after we post this we’re off to catch the night train.
The other big event from today was we bought an India guidebook.  We finally got our India visas in Burma, so have opened the door to the subcontinent.  We bought a used copy of the India Lonely Planet from a kid who was running the shop, but later found that we were missing a dozen pages (including the map!)  Note to self… always check.
Fortunately, when we got back, the father was running the shop and accepted the return without a receipt or anything.  Then, he asked us to wait a couple minutes to get a new copy.
His son pulled up on a motorbike with a “fresh” used book.  
That said, I have one minute on the hard-wired computer we use to check bank accounts and whatnot.  Gotta go. 
Next stop.  Laos.

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