Friday, January 23, 2009

A Bit Too Touristy

I started feeling a little better a couple days ago, and now I feel completely healthy again. Being sick and away from home was not as fun as I thought : ), but it was nice having Bryan there to take care of me. He did very well.

We are just hanging out on the beach today. We are still in the process of debating whether or not we are going to get certified for diving. We talked to an instructor who went into detail of what we can expect from the classes. I was a little worried at first because in order to become a certified diver you have to be able to open your eyes in the ocean. This did not sound like fun to me because contacts and salt water do not go hand in hand. Turns out if you wear contacts then you can keep your eyes closed. Good news for me, but Bryan is still a little nervous about it because he feels he is not a very good swimmer. ; ) I feel differently as I have seen him swim many times. If we decide to get certified it will take four days and 9,000 baht (about $250) per person. I believe it is a couple thousand dollars, if not more, to get certified in the States. We are feeling as though we will regret it if we don’t do it, so we will see what happens.
Koh Tao has been very relaxing, but after walking around the beach yesterday, we came to the realization that this place is a bit too touristy for us and want to experience more culture. Koh Tao is a lot like Hawaii, but with more Europeans. All of the restaurants and bungalows are a little too westernized for what we want to experience. If we decide not to get certified we will leave tomorrow, but we’re not sure where we will go next. We were thinking about going to Koh Phi Phi, but it is another island probably very similar to this one. We may make our way down to Malaysia or go straight to Singapore and then to Bali. We will let you know our plans. We may even go further south to a school where they teach you Thai. Who knows – We will see where the wind takes us.
Much love to you all!

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