Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Day in Bangkok

We have had a successful second day here in Bangkok. We left our hostel (Sukhumvit On Nut)  knowing exactly where to find the sky train. The night before we were lost getting back to the hostel, but it turns out the train was approximately a five minute walk to where we needed to be.
So far Thailand has been pretty easy getting around. We have traveled by taxi, train, tuk-tuk, and river boat. Tuk-tuk has been our favorite so far and it has only been about 20 baht (.65). Today our driver took us to five different spots including the happy buddha. He waited for us each time, and we only had to pay 40 baht. Many of the tuk-tuk drivers will ask you to go in a jewerly shop or fitting shopping area for five to ten minutes which means they get free gas or some other coupon. Today we didn’t mind doing that so much because he took us to where we wanted to go for a good price.
The people here have been wonderful so far. They love talking with the tourists, but like to get to know you a little bit before they give you helpful information.
Today we found a hostel in the Banglampu district and we have absolutely loved it. We originally wanted to stay in a hostel called Lamphu House (recommended by Lonely Planet), but they were completely full. We then found a hostel further down and booked it for 200 baht (about 6 1/2 dollars), however it was a bit shady, so we decided later to switch to one down the road for 250 baht. This place is much cleaner and smells better : )
We are loving it here so far, and it has been a blast meeting people from all over the world. Wish I could write more, but I’m running out of time.
We will probably be in Bangkok for another day or two, and then we are heading south to an island or two.
Ta Ta for now.

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