Monday, January 19, 2009

This is the Time of Our Lives!

So, I just got done writing a pretty long blog, and then I lost it all. This will be a quick one because we have to catch the boat : (
We are about to leave Koh Phangan in an effort to make our way to Koh Tao. We are taking the same boat, so hopefully I won’t get sea sick. Last time it took me a whole day to recover.
The Treehouse was very beautiful and relaxing. The owners (Pamela and Kai) were some of the nicest people we have met. Since the treehouse is rather new for the island, there were only about six people that stayed there. As a result, we got to know many of them quite well. We met most Germans and a few English Lads.
There really isn’t a lot to write about because we mainly just relaxed, read, listened to music, ate good food, and got to know the people around us.
The total price for five nights, including food and drinks, was about 5700 baht (about $167). Such a good deal especially since we had one of the best views of the ocean and a very cool bungalow.  Seriously, it was awesome.
There was one day where we decided to exlore the other side of the island with the goal to see what is what like and buy me a swim suit. Once we were there we decided that our side was much better and less expensive. It made us very happy.
It was quite funny because usually there is an official resort taxi that will leave the downtown area at 1 pm and 1 pm only. If you don’t catch that one, then it is much more expensive. Pamela offered to pick us up at 4 instead of 1 because she had to pick up her son from school anyway. Once we made it to the downtown area we waited for a good a couple hours and she still had not come. So, we decided to get on a taxi before it got dark (taxi drivers do not like to drive at night). We had to pay 800 baht, but we made it. When we arrived Pamela smiled at us, and then it hit her, she completely forgot to pick us up. Kai and she felt so bad, but it was priceless to see their facial expressions. As a result of their forgetfulness, they offered to pay for half of the taxi and they gave us free fish for dinner.
All and all, the Treehouse was a great time. We had plenty of days to relax and hang out, so we are now ready for more adventure.
I would recommend the Treehouse to anyone. It was way better than Hawaii and so (SO) much cheaper. If anyone is interested in learning more you can visit their website at
Hope all is well,

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