Friday, April 6, 2012

Our new apartment!

It took us a bit longer than we expected, but we’ve officially moved into our new apartment . . . okay. . .  all our stuff is in a storage bin except for our backpacks and a “luxury” suitcase that is the last few non-necessities for our last few weeks in Bellingham and Tri-Cities.   Notice the massive wine stain on the box-spring for extra credit!

I’ve spent a surprising amount of time on the phone cancelling Comcast bills, finalizing travel insurance and eliminating the remaining monthly bills that we had.  As you can imagine, much of this was annoying, but I’m am proud to award the Most Useless Service Award to . . . . the ORCA Card (Seattle’s public transportation card).  We lost our card, so cancelled and tried to get them to reissue the card.  Instead, they sent us new cards, so we now have 4 cards.  One of the lost cards has $17.25 on it.  Unfortunately, I can’t transfer it onto a non-lost card.   My only option is to order a replacement card (which we tried to do once) at $5, then pay the $10 refund fee so we can get a check for $2.25.  Grumble . . .
On a positive note, our Eurail pass has shown up.  This is a train pass that’s going to be good for travel throughout 23 European countries for three months.  I almost wrote “Free travel throughout 23 countries,” but trust me. . . it wasn’t free.  We did get a 15% discount by traveling together at all times though :)   We also got a 1st class pass!   . . . because if you’re over 26 they don’t give you a choice.  It’s litterally a letter-sized strip of paper and will be activated once we write our first date on it.  It willbe good for most trains in the member countries with extra fees applying for night-coaches  or the 200mph trains.  It’s good in 23 will have details if you want more details. 
Anyway, we’re in Bellingham celebrating Merry East-birth-giving, because we’re going to miss all familial holidays next year and want to spend time with the family before we go.  We’re going to be in Bellingham with Bryan’s side of the family until Sunday and then will be traveling to the Eastern side of the state to visit Leslie’s side of the family.  
Then we’re off.   T-minus 11 days. . .

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