Sunday, August 17, 2014

At What Point Does a Pond become a Lake?

We celebrated our anniversary the entire weekend with things like relaxing at home, paying bills, installing the carseat, washing our comforters at the nicest laundry mat I have ever been to, and walking around Lake Padden and Whatcom Falls Park. It always amazes me how beautiful this part of the world is. So much green!

Oh, Bryan wanted me to mention that he also purchased the greatest video game of all time. You'll have to ask him if you want more details. It sounds like a boring thing to write about. ;)

I've lived in Bellingham on and off for a total of about 5 or 6 years, and I've never been to Coconut Kenny's. It was pretty dang good!

An IPA for Bryan and a pic for me! I was bored waiting for Bryan to order, so I thought I'd capture what is seemingly an exhilarating piece of work.

A whistling Bryan!

The ambiance was great except for the busy road next to it.

I saw Taco Pizza on the menu and had to order it. Brings me back to my childhood!

The start of our walk at Lake Padden!

I had no problems walking the entire way around Lake Padden last time. However, this time I didn't quite make it. I came close, though! 

So, I woke in a panic the other morning and was deeply concerned that our down comforters were dirty. Pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation were probably the reasons I was so concerned about something that could easily be fixed. Anyway, my sweet husband helped me take the heavy comforters to the laundry mat today. It was almost too hip of a place for us. :) 

Installed the carseat, finally! Yay!

I love this pond at Whatcom Falls Park!


More pond pics!

I'm feeling huge…probably because I am!

The colors here were a beautiful lime green!

Cool tree!

The sun hit the top of the trees perfectly!

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