Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend with the Dolins!

Danielle (Bryan's sister's best friend) and John came up to Bellingham for a wedding, so we had them over for a BBQ along with Bryan's parents and Danielle's mom, Elise! Their little boy, Luke, will only be a few months apart from our little dude, so we're pretty excited about that.  If the two are anything like their dads, then they will be good friends….and nerds. Lol.

Luke broke in our baby swing for the first time, and I had to take a picture. Danielle mentioned they didn't have very many pics of the three of them, so we decided to take more. I didn't have the best lighting to work with (I hate using the flash and forgot to change the iso) but they still turned out cute. Although, the subjects probably had more to do with that than the photographer. :)

I think he liked it!

Mommy and son!

So sweet!

John's serious face!

He loves his parents, I swear! :)

I love that Luke is looking into his dad's eyes!

Babies always have our full attention!

Such a beautiful little family!

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