Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Street Sign in London

We landed in Heathrow Airport this afternoon and then spent about an hour on the tube getting to Brixton, which is a southern district in London.  We headed south out of the tube station towards the little side-street called Rushcroft Road, and the My Place Inn.   Dad had actually looked up the hostel on Google Maps streetview when we were in Bellingham, but we just saw repeating townhouses like these . . . no hostel, no sign.

I figured there was a newer sign that we’d see when we got here as the photo from Google was probably a bit dated.  That said, as we got to the end of Rushcroft Road, there was still no sign.
Then I hear, “Bryan!” yelled out of a third story window.  I turn around and the woman I’ve been emailing is hanging her head out of the window.   I guess that’s the sign. 

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