Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Post from the Emerald City!

We’ve said goodbye to the Belliston side of the family in Tri-Cities this morning and have traveled back to western Washington. As I type this, we’re in the Sorento hotel in Seattle, which is WAY nicer than anything we’re expecting to stay at in the near future. For example, there’s a bellhop. I’m expecting this is the last we’ve seen of them for awhile.

A couple other lasts . . .
  1. We stopped by Bob’s Burgers in Tri-Cities . . . last time we can be confident of a decent burger
  2. I just parked outside. . . last time driving a vehicle for awhile
  3. Leslie’s jettisoning the luxury bag . . . last time for the hair straightener.
  4. We stayed with Leslie’s sister Lindsay and her husband Adrian last night. They made Chicken Alfredo . . . last home-cooked family meal.
  5. Tomorrow, we will cancel our phones. Last bill to cancel, last phone call cometh.
  6. In about 45 minutes, we’ll be meeting friends and family in Seattle for our goodbye-dinner. Last evening out Seattle.
  7. Last night in the USA.
Also a first . . . we’ve paid down our dollars, which is a term we use for getting rid of all local currency before heading onto the next country. Our last couple bucks went to the bellhop
Next stop, London

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