Thursday, April 19, 2012

Modern Art or a Floor Vent? You decide.

Millenium Walk
Bryan and I accidentally slept in until 11:00, but apparently it was needed. Once we were ready for the day, we found a neat little cafe around the block and had breakfast before making our way from the Brixton area in the South of London to the millenium bridge via the underground train. The millenium bridge is a relatively new walking bridge which crosses the River Thames and is near the London Bridge.  All of a sudden the rain stopped and a bit of blue sky presented itself. This was a blissful moment for the both of us, but as soon as we were about to cross the bridge it started pouring rain. Emphasis on the word pouring. It was crazy. By the time we made it to the other side my pants were absolutely soaked. Thank goodness for my long rain coat. This is where we noticed the Tate Modern Art Museum and decided to enter since it was free and was a place to hide from the hideous weather. :)
So, the modern art museum. Hmmmm….it was very interesting. Overall, we saw a chair that had balls…
Chair with balls
a mirror…
A mirror in the Tate Modern
a pile of clothes, a piece of white paper shaped like an octagon and many other odd pieces. 
Bryan vs. the Gladiators and Spiders
At one point, Bryan was trying to stop me from stepping on art that looked like a floor vent. I  started laughing and pointed to another one across the room…. sometimes a floor vent is just a floor vent, if you know what I’m saying. 
Art or floor vent?
Yes, art is a form of expression and we all define it differently, but most of it was really bizzare and something I would never want in my house.
This is our last day in Brixton. Tomorrow we will be heading to East London and our first dorm room of the journey.
Adios, and may your chairs remain balls free (Bryan told me to put that). :)

Some other pics:
A moment when it was not pouring:
It wasn't raining
It's clear
The Victoria Line at Rush Hour
Victoria Line at Rush Hour

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